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NBC (USA) – Master Key Productions – "Covert Affairs" (TV series)
Our first shoot for "Covert Affairs", starring Piper Perabo, was directed in Paris by Doug Liman in April 2011. We've been producing many different shoots with their foreign unit in 4 years, in France of course, but also in more than ten european, african, caribbean and asian countries.

FX (USA) – Louie Zach Productions – "Baskets" (TV series)

NBC (USA) – Master Key Productions – "Heroes Reborn" (TV series)

Strata Productions, Inc (USA) – "The Camera" (feature film)

ABC (USA) – Master Key Prod. – "Perception" (TV Series)

NHK Enterprises (Japan) – “The Glass House” – TV Drama

NBC (USA) – Master Key Productions – "Royal Pains" (TV series)

ADK Arts, Dentsu, Office Raft, Pict, Telecom Staff... (Japan) – TV Commercials for Honda, Subaru, Toyota, Jean-Paul Gaultier for 7 Premieres...

ABC (USA) – Prodco, Inc. – "Jane By Design" (TV Series)

NBC (USA) – Open4 Business – "Parks and Recreation" (TV series)

ABC (USA) – Master Key Prod. – "Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D" (TV Series)

Paciwood (China) – "Wine War" (feature film) - pre production

(USA) – Partisan Pictures – "Silence of the Bees" (documentary)
"Thank you again for everything. It was really a pleasure working with you again."

NHK Enterprises (Japan) – “Taro No To” – TV Drama

ADK Arts (Japan) – “Subaru Forrester” – Motor show corporate
Our first (and not last) production working with producer Eric Chabassier. Thanks for teaming up with us !

ITV1 (UK) – “Albert's Memorial” – TV Drama

PICT (Japan) – “Fuma Killer ” – Commercial

MME (GER) – ARTE – "The Dramatists" – TV
"Thank you for the fine work and perhaps we return to Marseille one day...
 Best wishes from Berlin!"

Bellwether Media (UK) – "The Catacombs" – TV
"Thank you so much for all your help. We've had a very good experience with you. Hopefully we'll work together again soon."

National Geographic F & T
(USA) - "Mega Green Tech" –  TV

Klic Video
– (USA)
"We have worked with Froggie Productions on three separate occasions on projects ranging from $25,000 - $650,000. On every occasion Xavier Roy treated our projects with the same attention to detail, no matter the budget. He found us great locations in both Aix-en Provence and Paris, provided us with excellent, bi-lingual crews and brought in all three projects under budget and on time. Working with Xavier is always a pleasure as he’s truly a nice guy with a fantastic sense of humor. We still managed to laugh after shooting 12 hours a day for five weeks in a row, sometimes with difficult actors! His English is excellent and he understands North American sensibilities. I would unhesitatingly recommend Froggie Productions for your project."

Adrenalin Brothers (Ukraine) – "Bonjour” chocolates (commercial)

Beyond Productions (Australia) for National Geographic Television
“Taboo” - documentary

"A big thank to you for all the hard work you put into organising the shoot. I am sure there will be more Beyond shoots that will require assistance in the near future!"

Dewynters (UK) – “Royal Opera House” – Still Photography

MTV Asia –  “Hennessy” - commercial

Brainstorm Entertainment (South Africa) – TV

Engine Pictures (USA) – Shoah Memorial

SilverGrey  (Saudi Arabia) – “Discovery G51” - TV

WebMD  (USA) – Corporate

McGraw-Hill Higher Education (USA) – Language video

K12 (USA) – Language video

Estée Lauder Companies Inc. - Corporate

GDI (Switzerland) – “Lacoste” – Corporate

Aloka Holding Europe – Corporate

GDS International (UK) – Corporate

CMD (USA) – “Art trust” - Corporate

Fourleaf Limited – “Shell” – Podcast

Fury Productions (Australia) - TV

The Edge (UK) - TV

Diverse Bristol – ”Man vs. Wild” – TV

Mood Productions (Turkey) – Commercial

AS&K Mercury (UK) – Corporate

Focal Point Television – “Pfizer” – Corporate

Brandcast Media Ltd. (UK) - Corporate

fischerAppelt (Germany) – “Smart.Studio” – viral campaign

Complete Medical Group (UK) – Corporate

National Geographic (USA) – “Art Detectives” - documentary

Lone Wolf Documentary Groupe (USA) for NGT : “Oldest Child” - documentary

Mead Westvaco (USA) – Tony Silvestro – Still Photography

Stothert Lloyd
(UK) – Seven Seas – (commercial)

Tactical Language
(USA) – (video game)

Fever Media
(UK) – BBC (TV )

Silver Linings (USA) – IBM (corporate)

Autonomy Multimedia (UK) – Education
"Everyone involved in the shoots from Autonomy was really happy with the service and quality received from Froggie for both shoots, so thank you very much."

Associated Television International (USA) – "Diana, an Intimate Portrait" - TV

The Foundry
(UK) – Scottish Newcastle - Commercial

Wildtaboo (UK) – "The Fame Bureau Investigates" – TV

Tele Productions International
(USA) – These Amazing People

Lawrence Productions (USA) NavTech – Commercial
"Thank you very much for the pictures and the great shoot.  We all had a wonderful time. I know we scored BIG points and I hope we have the chance to work together again.  Paris is such a beautiful city. Merci beaucoup mon ami."

National Geographic Film & Television
(USA) – "Predicting The Future" – TV (docudrama)

(USA) – HP – (corporate)
"Everything looks and sounds great.  Thanks for your help. The clients were very happy with your work.  Hope to do it again soon."

(UK) – Scholl – (commercial)

The Oil Factory (USA) – Reebok "I am what I am" – (commercial)

Inside Edition
(USA) – TV

Hearisee Films
(USA) – History Channel "Diary of a warbird" – TV (documentary)

Alchemist Films (USA) – Secrets of the code – (documentary)

National Geographic F & T
- "Incredible Human Machine" –  TV

National Geographic F & T
(USA)/ Partisan – "Napoleon's Final Battle" – TV (docudrama)

National Geographic F & T
(USA)– "The Da Vinci Code – Is It Real" – TV (docudrama)
"Again, we cannot thank you enough for all of your help in France.  You were marvelous.  Our actors and locations were all excellent.   I will pass your name along to everyone I know! "

National Geographic F & T
(USA) / John Rubin – "Pterosaurs, the flying dinosaurs" – TV
"I now have the contact info for the best location fixer
in France! I look forward to working with you again sometime in the future-  I will pass your info along to anyone who asks for a French location fixer."

Journey Films
(USA) – Hallmark / PBS "Albert Schweitzer, called to Africa" – TV (documentary)

(USA) – History Channel "Shot from the Sky" – TV (docudrama)

Boomerang TV (Wales) -  S4C"Yn Enw Serch" - TV

CMD (USA) – Intel, Cisco – (corporate)

Klic Video
(USA) – Vista Higher Learning "Espaces" – (language video)

(UK) – Scholl – (commercial)

(UK) – UPS – (commercial)

Wildfire Television

Digital Vision
(UK) – still photography
"Many thanks once again for all your hard work...I know it can be frenetic sometimes!"

Parthenon Entertainment (UK) – BBC – TV (documentary)

Milano Medien GmbH
(GER) – Siemens VDO – (corporate)
"I hope you have had fun to work with us. We have had it!!!!! Hope to work with you again."

Svenska Budskap AB (SWE) – (corporate)

Ozcam Productions
(Australia) – Woori Bank – (commercial)

Tokyo TV
(Japan) - News

Sundance Channel

Multimedia Productions

Milano Medien GmbH
"thanks a lot! Everything OK!
It was a pleasure to work with you again!
Hopefully we see each other next year."

Brighton Films (UK)

Storck (GER)

Centrifuge Films (USA)

The Edge (UK)


National Danish Broadcasting (DAN)

(UK) - ESA (EUR)

Agenda (UK)

Daks (UK)

Zapa (FR)

Ross Moss (UK)


Burke&Wells (USA)
Today the shoot day was fantastic and went exactly according to schedule and plan. François and Philippe were total pros and very patient with my inexperienced directing.  They shot some awesome stuff and made us look good.  If the show is a success it will be due to a quality crew, and Froggie delivered. Thanks again, I am totally happy.  If we sell the show (fingers crossed!) we will contract with you guys for the Parisian production longterm.

Creative Broadcast Consultants (USA)

Freeform (UK)

The Foundation (USA)

 Lauderdale Productions (UK)

Jack Morton

Granada TV

Vajra Bvba (BE)

Levi Strauss (USA)

Warner Bros

Madison Film
"Our shoot went off without a problem and we very much appreciate your assistance and cooperation.  We will highly recommend your services."

Little Bird (UK)

Idiom (USA)

"Thanks again. The tapes were brilliant. The client is very happy!"

Forum Organisation (FR)

Feed the Children (USA)

Done & Dusted (UK)

Lonely Planet Television
(AU) "6 degrees" - TV

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